2019/20 IHV Summer Information


Welcome to the 2019/20 IHV Summer Season.

The 2019/20 IHV Summer season has a number of changes from previous seasons with the competition structure, format and management being changed. This page contains everything you need to know as a new or returning player this season.

If you are not a member already, please join our full club Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/305503412848673/

Teams and Division Allocation

The new structure includes 7 divisions of 6 teams each. The competition is open to Winter players, resulting in the top end becoming more competitive. Due to growth, we have adopted team names this year instead of numbers to make team identification easier. Wolves have teams in the following divisions.

Division 3 - Alpha Wolves

Division 4 - Lone Wolves

Division 4 - Dire Wolves

Division 5 - Red Wolves

Division 6 - Arctic Wolves


New System

All payments this year will be online only. This reduces overhead for the committee and provides full invoice/reciept capabilties, including allowing you to have an account to track your order details. No cash or transfer will be accepted unless exceptional circumstances exist. The store can be found at www.miwhockey.com/store


Registration includes your insurance cost and is an IHV fee. It is compulsory and must be paid before you step foot on the ice for your first game. If the fee is not paid and a player competes, the game will be forfeited.

It can be paid here through the following link


Registration cost for a Summer Senior is $186.50 and this fee is beyond control of Wolves.

The following describes what registrations you should use. It will typically be Summer Senior

  • Coach

  • only to be used by certified coaches

  • Non Playing Official

    • to be used by any volunteer who will be in an area not protected by board or netting i.e. the bench

  • Senior Summer PS

    • to be used by players who are playing in the summer season who are over 18

  • Senior Summer PJ

    • to be used by player who are playing in the summer season who are between 15 and 17 years of age

  • Team Manager

  • Volunteer

Wolves Season Fees

The Wolves fees for the season will be held steady at $550 for the season. This is the same as last year and covers all games and training for the season. Wolves season fees can be paid in 1 bulk payment or 3 payments due Oct 30th, Nov 30th and Dec 30th. If you are an existing player who has paid your $200 deposit already, your next instalment is due November 30th. Choose Payment 2 in the store when you pay your next instalment as payment 1 was the same as the deposit.

The fees can be paid here: https://www.miwhockey.com/store/melbourne-ice-wolves-ihv-summer-fees

Fees this season have been set with dates to allow you to pay registration and get playing as soon as possible. We understand it is difficult to pay registration and first fee instalment at once, especially when you also require jerseys. The fee structure below keeps that in mind and brings us as a club to a tight time frame to in turn pay IHV’s fees. Any player that does not finalise their fee payments on or before December 30th without prior arrangement (by emailing treasurer@miwhockey.com) will immediately be unable to play the following game until an arrangement is made or the balance is settled.

Jersey Costs

Jerseys are $155 each (including both a jersey and socks) and you will require both a Blue and White jersey to complete the season. Returning players who own a jersey do not require a new jersey.

Jerseys can be purchased at this link


Numbers will be attempted to be fulfilled, we will contact you via email if a number change needs to occur. Please order jerseys as soon as possible as they take a few weeks to come in and on the tight timeframe, it may result in a few rounds of organising spares between teams. All jerseys include socks.


Alpha Wolves

Screenshot 2019-09-30 09.37.03.png

Lone Wolves

Screenshot 2019-09-30 09.36.35.png

Dire Wolves

Screenshot 2019-09-30 09.36.10.png

Red Wolves

Screenshot 2019-09-30 09.35.36.png

Arctic Wolves

Screenshot 2019-09-30 09.32.26.png

Training Schedule (All Teams)

Screenshot 2019-09-30 09.38.42.png


We will release additional merchandise throughout the year. All merchandise will be available via the online store here


Need More Information?

If you need any more information, contact Nathan Webster via email on vicepresident@miwhockey.com